Sunday, November 14, 2010

DOTW: With only mustard… thanks

I guess this week’s version of Divas of the Week is based on my Monday post. I love mustard and I wanted to highlight some ladies who wore mustard recently. I can’t honestly say they were all this week because I haven’t done this in a few weeks…  but I wanted to be sure to do this post before I forgot… (yes my memory is that bad)
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My friend Jennifer from Stop!! You’re Broke wore a mustard sweater with brown pieces which I instantly loved. I think that the brown fishnets really really kick it up a notch… madly in love with her take on some of these pieces… Don’t you just love it?!!!

Here is my friend Kameel of Mrs Hall In Training and after I wore my eshakti dress I started thinking what other colors I could wear with the dress. And fuchsia was the first color that jumped into my head. Now that I’ve seen it on someone else… I’m certain I want to try my dress with fuchsia. Doesn’t she look fabulous?!!

Here is Karla wearing a mustard colored shirt… I love the scarf that was added to this rather simple but totally trendy look. I love her site: Karla’s Closet. Her style is so effortless sometimes and it just gives me a bar I want to reach in the plus size community. I want to inspire others like I’m sure she does to many people… Doesn’t this make you want to add more mustard to your closet…

Here is CeCe from LoveBrownSugar who is rocking this mustard top with folded bf jeans which in itself is super hot in my book… but when you add the shoes… it kicks it up to super crazy trendy fabulous!!! Are you as jealous of this outfit as I am?!!!

I know I normally include 5 divas each week… but I am like totally tired or something shiny has distracted me… who knows… Remember if you see someone totally fabulous during the week, let me know so I can get them included in next weeks post…
Let’s share the love divas ~besitos~
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