Monday, November 01, 2010

DOTD: Chic-a because of mi amiga

So this outfit was not my idea. First, I feel that these pictures do not do this outfit justice. Its super duper cute and I’m not sure that is conveyed in the pictures below. I wish the pants were a better fit but apparently lost a bit of weight and can’t afford another pair of pants, currently. So this idea was posted in the comments of the last City Chic vest post by my friend Brenda Jean (Tootsicle) and when she said her idea, I wrote it down. And since that day I have been anxiously awaiting the day cool enough to wear it. So this should prove that I read each and every comment and I want to better my divalooks of the day (DOTD) for my readers without losing my own sense of self. If I disagree… then you won’t see me change, but know I want your honest feedback and criticism because I am serious about being a blogger who inspires others.

Outfit Breakdown:

Turtleneck: Wal-mart

Pants: New York & Co

Boots: Connie (Rack Room Shoes)

Vest: City Chic

IMG_0095IMG_0109   IMG_0048 

 IMG_0063 IMG_0068 

What do you think? How would you like to see me wear the vest next?

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