Monday, November 15, 2010

DOTD: Living my life like I read The Secret

This morning I’m in a great mood. I can’t explain why. I just am. Yesterday, while driving I saw this guy that I had seen the day before and I thought to myself, why am I so aware of this man? He’s not handsome (at least not my usual type that I notice) and there is nothing really all that noticeable about his features… yet I realized I had seen him the day before no where near where we were. So at the light, I paid closer attention and I realized why he was so memorable. He was riding his bike… with a gianormous smile on his face. No iPod in his ear, no Bluetooth either… just a man on his bike… smiling. As he began to pedal again I also realized his shirt was blowing in the breeze and with the happiness of FREEDOM written on his face… how could you not remember him? Why am I telling you this? Because I’ve gotten some slack lately about how I mention people telling me how nice I look or going out of their way to speak to me. I don’t exaggerate. I have no cause to but I do put out into the universe what I want back. I smile at people and say hello when I have no other cause to. I stop and ask an older woman if she needs help with her bags when it appears she is having trouble. I give up my seat in doctors offices for the elderly. I just generally try to bring people good feelings and vibes to those around me. When I call any customer service… I try to make a joke so that they know although I may have trouble with my service… it is not their fault and I know they are doing the best they can.

Am I perfect? By no means, I have bad days just like the rest of you… but I find that if you wake up and accept you really are in control of how your day turns out… your bad days will be far and few between. I think the reason complete strangers talk to me and say the things they do is this… they know just in one glance I will not give them attitude or nastiness if they speak to me. They know that if they start a conversation… I will gladly continue talking to them because anything less would be rude. So here is a test for my readers. If you think I’m full of bull and you think I’m making this up. I want you to spend this week, smiling at everyone you meet. If you don’t get the same reaction… come back to this post and let me know. Because if that is not the cause for the love I receive, I would certainly like to know what it is that draws people in. Below… you will find the questions I answered on my Formspring this weekend… and of course my outfit for the day…

Q: Why do you always write in your post that random people flag you down to compliment you on what you are wearing? I feel like you are always over exaggerating...

A: I'm not over exaggerating... I say these things because I want people to know size is not why people are ignored... when you where the outfit and the outfit doesn't wear you... people take notice!

Q: You are alway throwing yourself a pity party on twitter and on your blog. Why do you do that? Example: losing following, not getting comments on post. It makes me want to stop following you...seriously...

A: Not a pity party. It’s a fact that I love each and every follower and when I lose one I feel as though I've let someone down. As for the comments... I don't intend to ask for something I am not doing. I realized I wasn't commenting so now I comment on others blogs and try and let it happen naturally... Sorry if you are not happy with me or my comments... I am honest and have no filter... sorry if that annoys you...

Q: why do you wear a wig? What does your real hair look like?

A: My hair is natural under the wig. I cut it off after the birth of my youngest daughter because it was so brittle and dry and the hormones had a bad effect on my hair. Then about a year ago I had cervical cancer... and that also did a number on my hair. I am just getting to a point where I can start getting it straightened (no more chemicals). I couldn't afford it unemployed, but it will be a priority now that I am gainfully employed.

Q: I think it is bold of you (in a good way) to post the good and bad questions. That really shows your honesty.

A: Thank you... as a blogger, I could be a liar or could avoid the hard questions. But if you know me... that is not my style... thanks again for the compliment.

Q: Talking about your sex life with your husband on your blog is gross. Do you really think your followers want to read about it?

A: Wth?!!! I said "doing what married people do" only once... really? We're all adults here. Well, at least I am.


What I’m wearing today:
Sweater: Torrid
Tank: Old Navy
Skirt: Target
Pantyhose: JMS
Nude stilettos: Steve Madden Caryssa
Earrings: Beauty Supply

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