Wednesday, November 03, 2010

DOTD: Working Girl

So I am going to give you all incite on who I am. Here are a few things about myself that you probably don’t care to know but I will tell you anyway.

1. I love the movies Working Girl, Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, and Under the Same Moon. The last one is Spanish with English subtitles but it is an amazing heartfelt movie… I recommend it.

2. I love that I have my tongue pierced. I think it sets me apart from others who look like me but aren’t quite as risky.

3. My kids are amazing… I mean they are funny, and imaginative, and creative. They are mine and I know I’m impartial, but they ROCK!!

4. I have a potty mouth when I’m in traffic. I say things I wouldn’t normally say… so if you’re ever in a car with me… cover your ears.

5. I am addicted to NCIS… every single episode gets watched, rewatched, and watched again.

That is just a peek at who I am maybe I will give you more tidbits later. Also, today I wore purple. I would have worn purple yesterday but I felt like it wasn’t right. I instead waited and wore it today. It was a good decision because the woman in the office who was the LEAST friendly of everyone had on purple yesterday. And I think if we had on the same colors on the same day, it may have been trouble. More trouble then she currently is…

I do love the new job… no training period… just jump in and get the work done. LOVE IT!!!

IMG_0019IMG_0007IMG_0030   IMG_0005 IMG_0014

What I’m Wearing Today:

Tie Dye Top: Fashion Bug

Cardigan: Curve Appeal Consignment 

Pants: New York & Co

Shoes: ebay (seller: bluke93)

Earrings: Beauty Supply

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