Sunday, November 07, 2010

DOTD: Weekend Warrior

This weekend has been the best weekend I’ve had in a really long time. Hubby and I have been having a difficult go of it for a few months. Being unemployed and broke just makes things hard. Over the past week we have just begun “noticing” each other again.

Friday not much happened, we sat around and watched TV and then went to bed. I was still shaking off the last remnants of a cold so I just wanted to rest and Hubby seemed to want the same. Saturday, Hubby had to work so while he was at work, I put away some clothes I got inm the last couple of week that needed to be put in a nice clean secure place. When Hubby got home we had a “fake” argument that turned into a fit of laughter. We watched some movies and then we had a couple glasses of Moscato – the rest of the evening… use your married people imagination.

But today was the best day of all. He had an early morning estimate to complete so I went with him. After that we enjoyed a date just the two of us and had some great Mexican cuisine to include margaritas. After lunch, we drove home and just talked. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to just… talk. Not about bills, or issues, or feelings… just talk about silly things… laugh and just generally enjoy where we’ve gotten after 8 years of being together. I realized today… I really honestly love this man… and would die if I lost him from my life. He completes me in a way no one else could. Anyway… here is what I wore today to have this great day with this awesome man… What did you do this weekend?

Outfit Breakdown:

Cardigan: Dots

Teal tank: JMS (fffweek NY)

Black tank: Wal-mart

Gray skinnies: Faith21

Lace Booties: Alloy

Cap: Burlington Coat Factory

Earrings: Beauty Supply

IMG_0011-1 IMG_0002-2

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