Friday, April 29, 2011

DOTD: Loving My Reflection

I know I just slightly stole the name of my friend Courtney’s blog… but it was the perfect title for todays post. Since going natural I have days where I hate my hair and others where I love my hair. But since washing my hair yesterday and waking up this morning. I realized that this hair is the best thing for me. I love it. It’s my own natural curl and its wild and crazy and unpredictable… exactly like me.

I am still learning my hair but today I got dressed to have lunch with a friend and when I looked at my reflection… I just smiled. My friend saw me and immediately touched my hair and said “I love it”. Then I kept getting smiles from strangers… and normally I would say it was my makeup but today… I believe it was my hair. My curly hair that  moves with the wind and is tightly curled. My hair that I have fought all my life to enjoy and love and have always fallen short of feeling secure under. I would wear weaves and wigs and felt like people were looking at me and thinking “Look at this fake broad”. Now when people look at me… they see… ME. Not hair I purchased… but the hair I was born with. This is the final step of loving myself. I love my body. I love my face. I love my size. Hell… I even love my lone corn on my pinky toe (yes… I have one… shoes are cute but killer). But until this morning I don’t think my love for myself was complete. I am finally a 100% confident woman. Why? Because I know that when people see me they don’t see the stuff I use to hide pieces of myself… they see the real me.

Today’s outfit also was the perfect outfit for today… I couldn’t feel better

Outfit Breakdown:
Floral GraphicTop: City Chic 
Destructed Jeans: DIY/Wal-mart
Silver Zebra Print Booties: Shoedazzle 
Moto Jacket: Torrid 
Ring: Flea Market
Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory
Flower: Dot


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