Thursday, April 28, 2011

Indecent Top Exposure: A Top Post

I can honestly say that when I shop I gravitate towards dresses, blazer/cardigans, skirts, pants, and lastly… tops. Which is ridiculous because then I end up like I am currently with a closet full of clothing and like 4 tops. Its rather sad. I sometimes sit back and shake my head at my lopsided wardrobe. If I were to dress myself based on what I currently have… I’d get arrested for leaving my house in my bra… I’d be covered everywhere else… but I am seriously lacking good tops.

So now that I know I need tops I am in this place where I have to figure out what I want to fill my closet with. I don’t want boring pieces… I want pieces that I can wear multiple ways and dress up and dress down. So… I went onto the Bonmarche Plus Size Women Tops website to give you an idea of the types of items I want need…

Lace Tops…
Okay you can say what you want… but if I have 3 choices and one of them is lace… there is a 90% chance I’ll pick the lace top just because its lace. I have an addiction to lace and at this point in my life… there is nothing more I can do about it (I’m already taking pills and getting injections lol).

Lace Tunic

Lace Back Top

Tunic Tops…
When I’m running late and don’t want to have to think too hard, or when I am wearing leggings… I want a top that is long enough to cover up the lumpy parts…. lol but is also unique enough to stand ground on its own. The tunics I lean towards also need to hold its shape. So I could use a ton of tunics in my life.

Crochet Back Tunic

 Sleeveless Tunic


Tops that no one has…
Lastly but not least… I love to own a top that I haven’t seen on others… because then it because a statement all on its own as everyone stops to ask where I got it. Those kind of pieces make hours searching for the right top… all worth while.

Animal Printed T-Shirt

When you shop, what kind of tops do you gravitate towards? Would you purchase any of the tops above? If so, which one speaks the most to you? Have you stopped by Bonmarche to check out what they have to offer? Did I miss something you would have loved that I had mentioned?


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