Friday, April 08, 2011

Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: Spring Trends Just for ME!!

Todays Friend Friday is about what Spring trends speak to you to the point of actually trying them out yourself. So here are mine

1. Color Blocking:

I know this is the most popular trend in the blogosphere… but how can you NOT love a trend where you can where pretty much any set of colors and not have to explain why you wore then together. Just say color blocking and people will tell you how trendy and great you look… oh yeah… AWESOME trend (I could even call it the I don’t have anything clean that matches trend… just kidding)



I love purple. If you’ve been here to this blog before… you know I love purple (and pink)… but purple and I have a connection that is SERIOUS!!! And this spring I see that purple is everywhere. Eyeshadow shades that are super bright and brilliant, nail polish, and clothing… I plan on being purple fabulous this spring


3. Coral, Olive, and Yellow Closet Additions

I love Coral, Olive, and Yellow and I intend to add additional pieces of these colors to my closet and so I can remix pieces that you’ve seen but make then so much more spring and make them POP!!


4. MATTE BOLD Eyeshadow Shades

Okaaay!!! This trend should surprise NO ONE. I love color. When I first started this blog I called myself a color whore… that has not changed. Color is what makes me happy. I can’t get enough of it and now that the eyeshadows are getting more bold and bright… I’m ecstatic.


5. 50’s Inspired Anything

I want to get more 40s & 50s inspired dresses and shoes. I think vintage bombshell looks work for me and I like how they accentuate my curves. I can’t wait to add more pinup type pieces to my wardrobe.

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