Saturday, April 23, 2011

DOTD: One of my FAVORITE Maxis

I love this dress… I feel so spring inspired in this dress. It also doesn’t hurt that everyone in the universe loves this dress. I get stopped all the time when I wear this dress to get asked where I got it. When I say I got it online I can see their brow furrow and they stop listening. I think they are hoping I will say I got it at Marshall’s… unfortunately, I did not. I got it online and I just sold the twin of this dress. I never wore it because I loved the black one so much.

Today I had to take my girls to the church for a Easter Egg Hunt, but it was raining and chilly this morning so I decided to wear my “new to me” turquoise moto jacket. I love this jacket… its so cool… but then today’s weather took a quick turn for the HOT and I took off the jacket. I’m not a huge fan of how my pictures came out. But my allergies were kicking my arse today and I just wanted in my car away from the pollen and air goo. So I love the dress/look… but I really just want your opinions… ¿Que piensas? (What do you think?)


What I Wore Today:
Dress: Sizes To Fit
Shoes: Impo (Off Broadway Shoes)
Earrings: Beauty Supply
Flower: Dots
Jacket: Curve Appeal Consignment

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