Sunday, April 10, 2011

DOTD: Cherry Blossom in Bloom

Today was church (as you know), and I went regardless of the massive migraine I’ve been nursing for a week now. Its getting harder and harder to not pretend it’s not affecting me.

Anyhoo… I use the same location most Sundays to take my pics and this Sunday was no different… only instead of using the greenery as a backdrop I decided to use the abandoned house instead (I pray no one ever buys it… or there goes my photo sanctuary… lol). Why did I have to change my backdrop well the cherry blossoms… they are so beautifully in bloom and I thought they would only add to my photos. For a moment, I actually forgot about my migraine.

And can we take a moment to speak to these booties… OMG!!! I found them on clearance and it was the cheapest, bestest purchase of my life. How do you not love a pair of shoes that start to zip on one side of the foot and finish on the other side and also have a cutout? Seriously… I’m in  love…

Also, the dress I’m wearing I got at Wal-Mart at the same time I got the leopard dress (as worn here). You know how I love love love polka dots. I can’t live without them… so this dress has been waiting to be worn for a while. I do love the punch of yellow. I really really love how this turned out. They keep telling me at church how nice I look… its like pressure much? What will they do when I have that one bad Sunday? Its likely to happen, much sooner than later… Oh well… can’t wait to see the looks on their faces when it happens… lol

Welll… here it is … the outfit… What do you think?


What I’m Wearing Today:
Dress: Norma Kamali (Wal-mart)
Blazer: Dots
Shoes: Eva & Zoe (Off Broadway Shoes)
Earrings: Beauty Supply
Ring: Torrid

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