Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DOTD: LYS Maxi… review?

Okay… its not a review. A review in my opinion is where you explain what you love and what you don’t particularly love. But if you LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about something… its not really a review, it’s more like a tribute to why this dress rocks. You know I love Maxi dresses. Especially maxi dresses that allow for a little cleavage (which is sexy) but covers the legs almost to the toes. So this dress… is in my top maxi category… so much so that I went back to Kmart and got this dress’ twin. One of the cutest parts of this maxi is the crochet detail straps & back. Seriously… everyone should own this dress.

Now when the Kmart Love Your Style, Love Your Size (LYS) line first came out… I wasn’t impressed with much but a lone skirt. At least on the plus size side, on the regular size side… I loved almost everything. They even inspired an outfit here on my blog.Then they came out with an awesome Moto jacket… that I had to have… that jacket let me to this dress. When I went to buy the jacket I found the dress… the dress I’m wearing today… that also caused me to return to buy the other color. Yes… this dress is comfortable and perfect for a rainy day. I’m so glad I made this purchase.

I was stopped by a lady at the courthouse asking me about my dress (had to pay a ticket for hubby) and she told me she was jealous as she was unable to wear maxi dresses. She was significantly shorter than me… so even though I sometimes consider my height a curse… when it comes to maxi dresses… it is surely a blessing

What do you think about the LYS line so far? Do you own any pieces? How do you feel about my styling of this maxi?

Outfit Breakdown:
Maxi Dress: LYS (Kmart Fashion)
Crop Jacket: Torrid 
Patent Leather Shoes: Target
Earrings: Beauty Supply


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