Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DOTD: New Start, New Yoli

So the straight hair lasted one night. I appreciate all the love and everything… but I didn’t like it. I felt like I had stepped into a time machine and went back to my high school hair. But as I step into a new part of my life… I needed no nonsense hair. I needed some hair that I could do in little time and little effort but could still feel diva. Because as I venture into this “separated” phase of my life… I need hair that isn’t going to take a lot of “work” as I will soon be a single mother of 3 children. Yes… hubby and I are no more. He turned into someone I couldn’t trust or believe in… and after that… I knew I could either take it… or show him the door. This was a difficult decision to make. I love him. I still love him very much. But I had to show him that when he puts our family life in jeopardy… he can’t stay. It’s not cheating… its just taking a lot of risks that could cause us to lose everything… when we barely have much to begin with… I made this choice for my children. We may reconcile… I am leaving a small door open for that… but some SERIOUS changes must be made before that is even a possibility. I believe professional help is needed.

So this is the new Yoli… will it change my blog. Ummmm no! I still love makeup, fashion, and shoes. I just won’t be rocking the wig. If natural hair is not your thing… I hope that you would stay around for the fashion… because that will NOT change… well… it will but only for the better *winks*

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress/Leggings: Forever21+
Jacket: Ashley Stewart 
Shoes: Eva & Zoe (Off Broadway Shoes)
Earrings: Beauty Supply
Flower: Target

Excuse some of my facial expressions… as soon as I set up my camera… it started to rain… so that was me worried about the pics… but also worried about my camara… lol. What do you think of the hair/outfit?


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