Saturday, April 30, 2011

Brrrrrrr It's Cold In Here!: A Blazer/Jacket Post

One day soon I need to really give everyone an idea of just how many blazers, vests, and cardigans I have in my closet. I love them and I can see myself wearing them a thousand different ways, so when I find one for cheap… I buy it. I don’t need anymore… but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to pick out more Women’s Plus Size Jackets that tickle my fancy.

Here are the items I thought would extend my wardrobe to the next level of Diva… lol

Military Twill Jacket

Fullscreen capture 4282011 80110 PM.bmp


Summer Blazer

Fullscreen capture 4282011 82346 PM.bmp


Ruched Stud Sleeve Jacket

Fullscreen capture 4282011 82406 PM.bmp


Arlene Phillips Leather Jacket

Fullscreen capture 4282011 82447 PM.bmp


What do you think of my choices? Have you stopped by JD Williams recently? How would you wear the pieces above?


In Partnership with JD Williams

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