Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keeping It All In: Bra Post

Recently I have been contacted by many followers and readers asking me about what I do to keep my “girls”… in. I am no stranger to strapless and one shoulder strap tops and dresses and for someone who wears a 44F/G bra… well I think it surprises some folks I am not spilling out of my clothing… much less my Large Cup Bras. I have been asked to explain how I keep myself looking perky even when there are no straps holding everything in place.

So with the help of the SimplyYours website… I am going to show you what I do to “Keep It All In”.

Everyday Wear
I don’t need a cleavage bra. If I have a bra that is for “cleavage” most likely I am not going to have much bra to hold in the important parts. So I live and die by my Balconette bras. I love them mostly because they make my cleavage look so soft and supple, while all the time keeping everything in place on the off chance I have to break out into a sprint to stop one of my children from running into the street. I tend to buy knew bras every six months as with all the they are holding in… my straps and elastic backs seem to lose some of their strength after approximately 6 months of wear and wash. I try to buy 4 bras at each buy (at the very least… more if I can afford it), 2 bras are usually black, and the other 2 are colors that tickle my fancy at that time. I currently have 4 black bras that I rotate and use on a regular basis. I hand wash then after every use unless its laundry day then I will machine wash and hang to dry. My black bras don’t last as long because I wear them so often. My color bras last much longer because I wear them under particular outfits that they match (so the strap is not so obvious) or because it coordinates with my color scheme.

Just Peachy U/W Lace Balconette Bra

Strapless and/or One Shoulder Looks
I love showing a little skin. Especially during the spring and summer because there is nothing better than having that sun-kissed look on your shoulders. I just love the feel of the breeze and sun simultaneously touching my skin during the warmer months. So l lately can’t get enough of one shoulder & strapless tops and dresses. In order to pull off these looks there is a process involved to keep my “girls” close and snuggly nestled against my body. I begin with a bra that has multi-strap use… such as the U/W Multiway Moulded Bra (as seen below). I say begin because if I am wearing strapless anything… that makes gravity that much harder to fight. So I always layer on top of my bra with a strapless bodyshaper underslip (as seen below in black).  This I buy in a size (or two) smaller than my normal dress size so it is super tight but will really hold me in. This along with my strapless bra is what keeps me cinched and held together.

I like my breasts… I like them and I want them to be fairly perky for as long as I can keep them that way. So when I exercise, I also have a layering process. I wear an underwire sports bra and a soft cup sports bra layered above the underwire bra. This keeps me fairly motionless if I do decide to break out into a sprint. This is for me because… I seriously do not want to put an eye out. So the more I do to protect my eyes the better… lol. Not to mention, have you ever tried running with extremely large breasts? You know that motion when they drop down in slow motion (like in any female running scene in ANY movie)? Now add the feeling of someone punching you in the chest… no change that… add the feeling of a 400lb body builder punching you in the chest with all his might. It hurts because all that weight in your bra lands with a THUD with each bounce. I don’t recommend it so I layer up to keep them from moving one single muscle. Another reason I wear 2 bras is the underwire bra keeps my boobs separate instead of the uni-boob you get with a soft-cup sports bra (its drives me bonkers).



This is my bra process, I recommend you do what works for you and will keep you happy. But you only get one set of breasts and you have to keep them dry, supported, and comfortable. I hope this helps someone who maybe has larger breasts and is having a hard time finding the bra/support system that works for them. If you have any other questions… please… ask away.


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Polly said...

i also do the double layer for exercise. It kinda sucks, but i have not yet found a single sports bra that does the job on its own.

QueenDiva said...

I am so happy I'm not alone. My friends act like it makes me a freak but they have no idea what it feels like to run with all this weight in front. Seriously!! lol

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