Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Diva Spotlight: Diva Kia #2

If this is your first time seeing a Diva Spotlight, then you need to know that it is where divas worldwide, with a blog or without one… can post a picture of themselves and can tell my readers why they feel fabulous in what they are wearing. Be it makeup or clothing… Its an opportunity to share in what was a day that you felt spectacular…

Today’s Spotlight is someone who you’ve seen before HERE… she still doesn’t have a blog but she does still look effortless fabulous!!!

Here she is DIVA Kia…


What she’s wearing:
dress: Syms
jewelry: ms. tinas consignment shop
earrings: beauty island hair store

In her own words how she felt in this outfit: Felt divarish… because the dress was classy and sophisticated and gave off sexy-classy quiet nicely. --Kia

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