Monday, March 21, 2011

Lo Quiero Ahora: Pre-Birthday #1 (City Chic)

If you read atleast one other blog in the blogasphere… I’m sure you already know about the 60% off sale at City Chic. I purchased only a few things (as I am on the tightest budget in the universe). But it doesn’t change the fact that I am madly in love with so many things on the website that I can’t afford currently. But I felt as a fashion blogger I could maybe put it out there and you could purchase it… wear it & blog it… and I could live vicariously through you… I should warn you… I’m in a bare shoulder addiction type thing for this spring/summer…

I want this first corset most of all because I have some sequin harem pants I want to wear my birthday weekend… and this corset would be hot with it!! OH YEAH!!!

Sequin Corset

Denim Ruffle Corset

Fine Stitched Corset

Love Heart Corset

Also, loving this top as well…
Color Dream Top

And you know my wish list wouldn’t be complete without a dress
Zebra Mirror Dress

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