Sunday, March 20, 2011

DOTD: Party like a rockstar!!

TODAY ROCKED!!! When I say today rocked it was like the best day EVER!!! Everyday after today will pale in comparison to how awesome today was… Now of course once I tell you about my day you may be like… “really… what’s so awesome about that?” But hey… I live for the little things.

So first I need to tell you that after my post on Friday, I went out (in that same outfit) with hubby. Only I was not happy because when hubby showed up at home he was already 10 sheets to the wind (drunk) and we were supposed to be going out to my friends b-day party. So I showed up to the party upset… only to find out that we couldn’t enter because hubby’s shoes were Timberland, which were not permitted. So we go back home to change his shoes and head back. Good thing that we lived close, otherwise Friday night would have been a bust… Anyway… we made up towards the end of the night. I’m sure it was sometime around the time I had some Patron… but I’m not sure. I then fell down and bust the bubbles out of my knee. OUCH!! It didn’t stop me from dancing all night. Cause it didn’t hurt… yet!!! Saturday morning I woke up and wanted to DIE!!! If the dude from SAW had shown up and asked to saw of my leg… I would have nodded and said “Do what you gotta do!” But I sucked it up because the kids have school photos this week and they needed to get their hair done. So I dressed in comfort clothes and drove to meet hubby at the salon. We were supposed to go bowling last night but you know what… I couldn’t… between the knee and the allergies swelling my face like a balloon (really the only way I know its swollen is because my eyes & lips itch like FIRE) I was not able to make it to the bowling party. I took some meds and passed out into a happy coma.

So today… (I know you’re thinking “finally… she takes eons to get to the dang-on point” lol) I woke up late for church. This knee woke me up like 3 times (every time I bend it in my sleep… I wake up) so I was running late. I grabbed something I had thank goodness planned to wear on Sunday like days earlier. So I practically ran out the door to get to church 30 minutes late. But I knew it was going to be a good day because the sermon spoke to me. I had been going to this church for a month or more and today… something spoke to me to tell me today is the day you need to join this church. So… I did. I am so happy… I think this church is going to help me do somethings that I want to do in the area of plus size mentoring… SO STOKED!!!!

After I left church I began the second phase of my awesome day… I went to an estimate with hubby and met one of his clients… super super super nice guy that recommended a place for hubby and I to have our “date lunch” (I was too sick the day before for my date night dinner). The restaurant is Obryki’s… OMGee the best crab cakes in the UNIVERSE and it sucks because this is apparently their last season… they are closing their doors officially on November 5th and if you are in the Baltimore area and have not been… you have to go… they also do medium or large crabs… but I wasn’t dressed for that today. But we are going back for my BIRTHDAY… which leads me to the bestest part!!!

Since we were already in Baltimore, I decided to stop by the salsa club where I wanted to have my birthday to find out how much it would be to host a party in the club… the manager is sooooooo nice and he said I could have the stage of tables all night for FREE!!!!! As long as my friends bought food or drinks (which I know won’t be a problem) so I’m in HEAVEN!!! We hung around and spoke to the waitress who is also a sweetheart. All in all I am now even more excited for my party… **Insert GINORMOUS SMILE here**

So that was my day… I am now home and its dark so my pictures are in the hallway… they don’t do the outfit justice… but who cares… today it was not about the clothes… it was about the man I was with (the sexiest latin husband in the WORLD) and just the events that made this day awesome. So what did you do this weekend? Was it awesome? What do you think of today’s look?

Outfit Breakdown: 
Dress: Wal-mart (had to have it after Bella Styles wore it)
Wrap Cardigan: SWAK Designs
Shoes: Steve Madden (BEVV)
Necklace: Target (its there but its “inside my boobies” is how my hubby said it lol)
Ring: Torrid
Earrings: Wal-mart


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