Sunday, March 27, 2011

DOTD: Allergic Reaction

Okay, so today I realized something… I’m allergic to something at my church. Now usually I would use this an excuse to look for a “new church home” which translates into me sitting home each Sunday NOT going to church. But I generally LOVE this church. The people are sooo sweet and they remember my name. Do you have any idea what it feels like to walk into church and have the Pastor address you by your name… not sister, or child, or young lady… but the legal name you were born with… its like HEAVEN (no pun intended). So instead of leaving the church I realize that before I walk into the church I will have to pop an allergy pill to keep my eyes from watering and my nose from dripping and my face from puffing. I bet here you’re wondering… why is it that two months in… I’m just now noticing it. Well, to be honest. I was in such shambles over my life and just depression and just sad. That every Sunday when the Pastor would speak I would burst into tears. Mainly because what he was saying was speaking to me. But since I joined last week I feel a change. You may not have noticed because well… its not that apparent because I’m blogging and well you don’t see me everyday. But I’m calmer and more at peace with where my life is… So today when I was in church… I didn’t cry. I just felt… at home and at peace.

I know all my readers may not like this subject matter… but its where I am at this current time in my life. So… I hope I don’t offend…

Now onto the fashion… This dress… this dress right here… lol… it is old as my son (give or take 5 years) which means this is about 10-15 years old. Yeah… I know right. My mom owned it and then “gifted” to me when I lost a lot of weight years ago and I literally had nothing to wear to work. So this was her gift… then after I had my 2 additional kids and I gained like a gazillion pounds and couldn’t fit an 18/20 anymore… (I seriously will post pictures one day of me in a size 24/26) so I put this dress into the back of my closet because… in my head… I could still wear it in my 24/26 size because it was stretchy… only it didn’t quite… ummm… fit. LOL. So I put it away to donate…. and honestly forgot it was in my closet. So now as I’m just completely at my wits-end on what to wear now that winter has somehow decided to NEVER LEAVE… I am doing what I can and wearing what I can to keep myself from going nutso!! Also, I realized that this is like the 3rd post in a row where I wore something in the teal family… I’m sorry… I mean to have more variety… but I don’t know what happened. So my intention is to make it up to you in the next outfit post.

Outfit Breakdown:
Sweater Dress: Ashley Stewart (gifted from mom)
Teal Cardigan: Motto (Curve Appeal Consignment)
Belt: Lane Bryant

Tights: Wal-mart
Boots: ebay (don’t recall the sealer)
Necklace: Wal-mart
Earrings: Beauty Supply
Ring: Burlington Coat Factory


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