Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Clothing Review: Asos Curve

As you all may recall, I listed my purchases from ASOS Curve on a post near the end of February. So yesterday... They arrived!!!
So to begin the only thing I have worn for any length of time is the Black Full Length Leggings. I wore them last night to dinner. I have to admit. They are super super comfortable. I had come home from a 3 mile walk and was tired and after my shower they were the perfect thing. I was comfortable, yet... fashionable. LOVE THEM!!

I also tried on all the other pieces and this is what my initial feel is. I will give you more insight after I wear them for a longer length of time.

Longline Boyfriend Cardigan - As I am on some sort of cardigan kick lately... this has such a soft feel but is like wrapping yourself in a blanket. Not for warmth but for protection. If I were a child this would be my security cardigan... It will make a nice addition to any outfit or just to throw on to get from my house to my truck.

Exclusive Skinny Jean - I think I should have paid closer attention to the size I purchased. I purchases a size UK22 which I assumed would fit as I am a US16/18 on bottom. But the calves and the thigh were seriously tight. Not too tight to not get them on. But tight enough to have to work to get them on. With my super long nails, throwing them on for a quick errand wouldn't be a possibility at this point. However, I will not return them as I do intend to return to my exercise regime and the additional weight I gained during the winter will go and leave these skinny jeans feeling perfect. Especially since I was able to get them on and buttoned.

Tailored Pencil Skirt - LOVE LOVE LOVE the feel of this skirt. Again... size matters. I purchased it in a UK20. It fits... like a glove... so again... the little weight I plan to lose will make this the perfect addition to my closet.

All in all... I think I will purchase from them again. I am currently eyeing the Mesh Insert Leggings and the Exclusive Indigo Knitted Jeggings.

Look for my review of some pieces I purchased from Dorothy Perkins... COMING SOON!!!


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