Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Supporting My Divas - Sharing the love

So this week has already started rather poorly and I am supposed to drum up some enthusiasm for my birthday tomorrow. I am happy that I have made my 50 followers...so a giveaway is in the works... Just trying to sort it all out before my spending freeze begins. Anyway....

I wanted to support a new group of ladies... Most of them you’ve seen comment on my blog from time to time... others may be new... Give them the same love you give me... PLEASE... and if you are already following them... Good... Great minds think alike *winks*

FIRST... I have to mention that my BFF "Diva Dawn" has a blog!!! Miss Piggy's Prose. You have to know that 90% of the time she is my blog sounding board and she has been the MOST supportive friend I have on this blog. She ALWAYS comments... she's honest... and she is well... a diva... Give her some love... Trust me... you want someone like her in your corner ;)


The Pale and Pallor Princess is blogging it up. OMG!!! The accessories... AMAZING... and her OOTDs... glam... and I think I totally have a girl crush on her. Her face is so super cute... btw... I seriously want that butterfly necklace she has on in one of her posts... SERIOUSLY!!!

Nikki at XOXO NikStar is amazing in every way. She's a model... and I think our bodies are similar in that we are both rocking some serious twins. I love her OOTD posts. She is truly an inspiration... she makes me want to be a model (at my ancient age... yeah right!). I know she is probably being followed by everyone in the world (she is that awesome)... but she still deserves a moment in the spotlight.

Carmella at iHeartfatshion has a blog that is fairly new. She just started it in March... and well... she already has almost 30 followers. She is serious... and I love her enthusiasm. Not to mention... she sews... and is just as sweet as can be... another one of my twitter friends... Check her out!!!

Nina at Fobulous Me has a blog that I just found today.... so check her out. She has a cute shy face that is just adorable. I love her OOTDs. She learning to sew... and I foresee some very cool DIY OOTDs from her in the future... girl... you are FOBULOUS!!!

Kameel at Mrs Hall in Training... I think her blog was intended to be something else, but became a fashion blog. I don't blame her... fashion is the business... and she is doing it with class and flair. She can be totally business one day... and then totally glam the next. I admire her... I don't want to call her a DIVA... because she's too nice to be one (you know how we divas can get). She's more like a... chanteuse... so classy... right? Also, she's in Baltimore... and I don't know why we haven't gotten together as of yet... since we are so close in proximity. If you go to her blog… you won’t leave for days…

Last but not least… if you need a serious ego boost. And you want to see more women who look like you… then you need to visit Fuck Yeah Plus Size. It is like nothing but beautiful images of… US!!! Check it out… I follow it, because usually there is something new to see just about every day.

I hope this installment was as good as the last 2… if you want to recommend some pages of blogs that we should support… just email me by clicking the CONTACT button above.


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