Thursday, March 11, 2010

Deep Thought #4: I make men HIGH!!!

Just when I didn't need another reason to love my body, I find out today that a research study was done and that it determined that looking at a curvaceous woman can make a man feel as though he has been drinking or taking drugs. I mean… I know that he is smiling when he sees my shapely hips and my ample bosom… but now I know it is because his brain is sizzling in his skull. Click Here to read the article

Then I was reading a blog from my friend Mezzo Fashionisto where she discusses femininity and sexualization. I think somehow in my brain these two subjects are linked. She is discussing why plus size is more acceptable in an hourglass frame and why the pear, apple, or banana shape isn’t admired more. Also its mentioned in a coment (i think) in most cases that plus size models are showing skin and posed provocatively, more so than their skinny counterparts. I realized after reading her blog that I don’t have an answer to her post. I mean, I am hourglass. I dress to accentuate my curves because I am in a place in my life where I love EVERY SINGLE CURVE I HAVE. I do flaunt the cleavage a bit much, but that is cause I love “the twins” and feel they deserve some admiration. Do I do it to stimulate the male brain as indicated above? Not particularly… I dress the way I dress because I like how it makes ME feel. I think if I were shaped differently I would probably dress a way that best emphasized that shape. I can't answer her question because I am that shape and dress that way. So to speak from the other side of a wall I've never crossed, is well... difficult. Now I am a firm believer that YOU alone can make people feel what you want them to feel about you. I believe that if you walk around feeling you are ugly and fat (not in the Fabulous And Thick way) then you will get that kind of negative attention. I was as large as a size 24 and still, I had no problem meeting men who found me attractive or would strike up conversation. I also never had any problems with looking in the mirror and saying… WOW!! You’re sexy today. I think the portrayal of voluptuous woman in the media is not because we are being picked on as a class of women, but because whether men or women will admit it or not… we are the more attractive body shape. Not just hourglass, but curvy woman all together. Men like large bottoms, breasts, and hips. If you have small breasts and large hips and bootie, there is going to be someone in your corner rooting for you. The men I find few and far between are the men who are out there looking for BONES. Women are meant to be soft and cuddling and nurturing. There is nothing softy and nurturing about your hip bone poking me in my side. I also believe ripple abs are only fit on a man… but I digress.

The point I am having a hard time pinning down is this… you make your style. Not the man you’re with, not the media, and certainly not other females. YOU!!! Thanks to Lucky Magazine’s Book: The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style: How to Wear Iconic Looks and Make Them Your Own, I have decided my look is purely American Classic Flirty Bombshell Glam. My style is really whatever I want it to be. As long as it looks good on me, to me, I will wear it. I believe the reason that the hourglass is most popular in the media is because it has everything (hips, bootie, thighs, boobs, and legs).
I think that what women need to spend more time on is how they feel about themselves. Because I for one love who I am… most days… and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about it. Because I am my biggest fan and my hardest critic… so the rest is just filter noise.

I hope this makes sense… trying to take all the gobblygook in my brain and turn it into content… well… it’s difficult (especially after a long 12 hour day at work). Check out both links above… feel free to comment there… but also comment here. I want to know what you think… whether you are plus sized or not.


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