Sunday, March 07, 2010

DOTN: Mini Me and my night out!!!

Here is my first DOTN (Diva of the Night) and  MY FIRST NIGHT OUT IN 4 MONTHS!!!! (without my husband)... not that I don't enjoy my husbands company... but sometimes... you just need that night... with the girls. Or in this case... with the girl. More about my evening below.

Outfit Breakdown:
Bottom Banded Top: Wal-Mart
Lace Strap Tank: Newport News
Soho Mini: New York & Company
Tights: Silkies
Boots: White Mountain/DSW
Earrings: Flea Market

So we started the evening at my friends house doing makeup and generally chatting. I sipped on something alcoholic to get the night moving. We finally make it out of the house and went to Azul 17, a Mexican Restaurant Lounge in Columbia, MD. We were pretty disappointed in this location because the website indicates that they have a DJ after 10pm. But the "DJ" is generally a computer that is running itunes and playing latin songs. NO ONE is dancing... the "Lounge" is the bar area, where we sat for 10 minutes un-noticed/ignored. We momentarily thought there was more to the restaurant than there was... we then found out... NOPE... that was it. So we left.
We headed to Baltimore to go to Latin Palace which never leaves me bored and I always get to dance. Unfortunately, as this is the first nice Saturday night where weather is not a problem, EVERYONE must have had the same idea... because valet had no room for my vehicle. *ooooh sadness starts to set in at this point*
Finally, we go further up Eastern Avenue and go to Carlos O'Charlies... PAY DIRT... music... dancing... and Patron shots (that we didn't pay for... BONUS!!!). We sat around... drank... danced... chatted with nice gentlemen... and one very vocal woman (who told me I looked awesome... extra BONUS!!!)
So in general... we turned lemons into lemonade... and I want to take a minute to tell my friend Diva Jordann... You are a DIVA... you are BEAUTIFUL... even without trying... I know you don't always think so... but I see a light in you that I hope one day you see in yourself... **kisses**

You also had on fabulous boots!!!

Here we are being silly!!!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!!!
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