Thursday, March 18, 2010

OOTD: A Whole Lotta ME!!!

I'm sure some notice that above I stated that this is the OOTD as opposed to the DOTD (diva of the day). I am not a huge fan of my makeup today... so... there it is.
I am having an... Okay day... but... I'm tired and its been a long day... and it is no where close to being complete.

  • I love my outfit
  • My feet were pediCURED last night
  • I have netflix streamed to my TV and basic cable (haven't had this in quite awhile)
  • Have been mentioned in a few blogs lately
  • I had a good lunch and a great walk with an awesome bunch of girls...
  • My work laptop is broken
  • My work laptop is broken (needed to repeat it cause it really sucks... and I am on a loaner laptop)
  • I don't like my makeup... was rushed and didn't do the entire thing & it looks incomplete.
  • My feet hurt (not cause of pedi... but because although those shoes are cute VS has not perfected the comfy shoe
  • Have alot on my mind... and I don't know how to get it off
Anyway... so first I want to post a pic of how I did St Paddy's Day:

My earrings are similiar only my were 3 shades of green (lime, kelly, and dark)

Now for my outfit for today...

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Walmart
Sweater: Torrid
Pearls: Claire's/Icing
Earrings: Beauty Supply Store
Shoes: Victoria Secret


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