Monday, March 29, 2010

OMG!!!! Save For A Rainy Day April Challenge

So for the month of April, I have decided I have to reign in my shopping. As I had had a blow to my finances recently, it is in the best interest of my entire family if I stop buying things unnecessarily. It will be difficult, i know this because I get a certain kind of warm fuzzy everytime I purchase something in a store, or I get a box delivered with thingys for me. But that is causing me to buy in excess of what is actually needed. Yes, clothes are needed... but could I TECHNICALLY make it months without buying. Certainly!!! Especially if I actually wore an outfit more than once and I start playing with more color schemes. So... expect April to be very interesting. I will bring together colors that may not be one that you see often. Or I may go with some classical favorites, who knows. All I know is that things can not continue this way. And if I put in savings what I spend on clothes per month. The financial strain I am currently feeling... may not be so bad. So pray for me... and give me constant encouragement... because for me... its like not being able to breathe. I figure it will be easier because April is a stressful month at work so I will be there all the time, thus leaving less time to shop. So since April is typically the rainiest month... this will be my Save For A Rainy Day April Challenge. Do you think I can do it?

Rules to abide by:
  1. No unnecessary purchases... PERIOD.
  2. No clothes, shoes, or makeup for myself (however can accept gifts from others).
  3. No clothes or shoes for kids or Miguel unless it’s a necessity (i.e. – the only pair of shoes don't fit or are lost and a new pair is needed.). Not having clean clothes to wear is not an acceptable excuse to purchase new – laundry must be done.
  4. Only clothes that explicitly state “Dry Clean Only” on the care tag should be taken to the dry cleaner. All other clothing should be done in regular washing machines.
  5. Sales are not an acceptable reasons to buy, if I miss a sale... oh well.
  6. Cannot go to any retailer alone – needs a chaperone.
  7. Nail fill (no designs), and one pedicure.
  8. Limit eating out with the family as much as possible.

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