Friday, March 12, 2010

Finding Fashion Inspiration Everywhere #2: Mother at Dropoff Zone

Okay, I did a finding fashion inspiration post on the 1st of March based on an outfit I saw on a woman in the elevator. So then today I saw a mother dropping off her daughter at the school at the same time I was doing the same task. Only... because I overslept... I did not look NEARLY as put together as she did. So I decided to make this something I do anytime someone in this crazy world inspires me. This is my way of taking what I see and putting my own spin on it. So the outfits won't always be EXACTLY what I saw. But they will be how close to the outfit I plan to get. That way, I have a running record of these great outfits. Not to mention I can even take this opportunity to find inspiration on other blogs. She actually had on a navy, red, white patterned skirt that was really cute. But I couldn't find anything on the web that resembles that skirt. And I actually have the navy pencil skirt pictured below.

I have always loved navy and red... and this just does it for me. And its got the whole nautical thing that is on Trend right now.



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