Monday, March 15, 2010

Supporting other DIVAs...

I know how hard it is to get people to support and read your blog. I still have "friends" who don't read it at all. Or the friends who don't read the content... just look at the pictures (what are we 5yr old??)...
Sooo... I decided that I would start placing links on my blog to other fashion DIVAs with blogs. This first installment is only blogs with under 30 followers. I am going to place them here so that they can get more exposure and love. I will do this because... well... we have to help each other in this skinny vs plus size world. Please check them out and follow them if you like what they are doing on their blogs... Fashion is universal!!!

Maria at Texas, Love, Life  and Fashion - it is PHENOMENAL what this woman is doing on a budget. I can't believe she is coming up with the outfits she does when some total as little as $10 for the entire outfit. That is a TRUE Diva... using what you have to really strut your stuff.

Jayla at Unique I.D.  - She is fairly new to the blogging game and so far I like what she's doing (and its not only because she gave me a shout out on her most recent post). She has great potential and I want this Diva to get some love... so make her feel welcome.

Erin at Plus Sized Pretty - She is also new but she is not afraid of patterns and colors. And you know I am a color whore so I can't wait to see what she comes up with during the spring. I think she is going to be FIERCE.

Fashion Rehab - she is not plus sized but her style is so clear and wonderful I could see myself doing a plus size version of most her outfits. And since she supported me I would really like her to get some fashion love. Already I see I love her shoes...seriously... check her most recent post... WOWzers!!!

Skorch Magazine Blog - I sometimes post on this site and they should be on your list of sites to watch. There are other great bloggers that post on this blog and you can get great outfit ideas. Seriously... follow this blog!!!

If you ever want me to support your blog. Let me know. I love helping others get their face out there. Because each blog has their own voice and none are quite the same. I hope you all enjoy this list.


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