Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Diva Spotlight: How bright does this Rubin shine?

I have to give you back information on this particular spotlight… I met this fashionable diva because of her Facebook profile picture. I thought her dress was amazing so I friended her… Her reply was… I’m sorry… do I know you. After I told her why I wanted to be her friend we laughed about it and we converse when our busy schedules allow for it. She told me she was going on vacay and I told her I wanted pictures of her in vacation attire so I could spotlight her… The picture below is our favorite…

Now let’s shine the spotlight on… Diva Rubin

rubin dee

Dress: Lane Bryant

Shoes: Garos Bootery NYC

Marc Jacobs Wristlet


Please leave a comment letting her know how awesome she looks!!!

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