Friday, October 08, 2010

DOTD: Re-vamped

Last night I watched my first episode The Vampire Diaries. Now all I can think to myself is how is it that I’m the last person in the world to see this amazing show. Its like smoking hot men that have fangs or fur… YUMMMMM!!!!
While I watched that show and Nikita, I perused my first days as a blogger. I saw some outfits that I would seriously like to redo. I realized that my first days as a blogger I didn’t have a great camera, and I was trying a bit hard on the makeup so I wanted to use some of the same pieces or colors and try and make the outfit a little less Franken-mummy…
Btw this skirt I’ve had FOREVER and I don’t even recall where I got it. But it is the most comfortable skirt I own. Its like that skirt you want to wear when your aunt flo is visiting and you don’t want to have anything uncomfortable across your stomach. So the point is, I love this skirt. And I wanted to redo this look…
What is hilarious is I completely HATE that photo… its like my worst nighmare… ewww…
So here is how I redid the look…
 IMG_0065 IMG_0074
What I’m wearing today:
Tank: Faith21
Skirt: **I’ve had it forever**
Boyfriend Sweater: Asos Curve
Booties: Alloy
Earrings: Wal-mart
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