Saturday, October 23, 2010

DOTD: A bit of my signature color

Oh my gosh I have had such a great couple of days. Most importantly is that I should start a new job next week. I haven’t been this excited about anything in a very very long time. I love you all for all your support during this period of unemployment. But I can’t wait to show you my daily work outfits and my style as I adapt to work life yet again.

Today, after the excitement of it all I decided to put on my “signature color”. If you’re fairly new to my blog then you may not understand the significance but I previously indicated to my readers that red was my power color (also the color I wore on my interview). And later someone (my bff) said that if red was my power color than purple was my signature color… then later someone said when I wear purple I make it my biach… I have to admit… I do feel pretty when I’m in purple. I feel better than pretty… I feel glamorous…

So to continue my good feeling, I used my shirt that I purchased with my Loop18 winning giftcard from Lane Bryant.  I love this shirt because it came with a belt with purple in the front… the belt is a bit big… but I don’t care…

I added my purple stilettos and this outfit is the result… What do you think?

IMG_0074IMG_0044IMG_0061         IMG_0079IMG_0071 IMG_0075 

What I’m Wearing Today:

Top/Belt: Lane Bryant

Cardigan: Motto (Curve Appeal Consignment)

Skinny Jeans: Torrid 

Studded Purple Stilettos: ebay (seller: bluke93)

Earrings: Wal-mart

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