Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DOTD: Going against the grain…

Well, today I decided to do a look without any color. This was hard for me because I totally wanted to rock this with red booties. I hope that it shows that I am willing to step out my color box to proof that my fashion is not one sided.

Now yesterday something happened that made me realize where I really want my life to go. I still plan on starting my stylist business which is technically already started. But I decided that after all the bullying and problems in schools, I want to mentor plus size teens and students. I want to show the youth that “It does get better” and that fat is more accepted when you walk the walk and talk the talk… If you act like a victim they will treat you as one. I want to empower these girls and boys and let them know that when you accept yourself, others will accept you. You want to know what started this, while trying to get my cell fixed I met a mother whose daughter would call from college crying because the “thin” girls made her feel unwelcome. This has to stop. I was the one that you didn’t have to invite me, I would show up and just be the life of the party… I would be invited next time. If you are always a wall covering… the world will treat you like one…
Stand up and make them notice the plus size divas…

back to the outfit…

I came up with this idea yesterday completely by accident… I wanted to find away to use some items I had previously reviewed on my blog.

Sizes to Fit Millenium Bustier Dress with rose belt
Lucie Lu Memoir Sweater in Charcoal
Loop 18 Tulle Skirt
IMG_0011IMG_0041  IMG_0017  IMG_0032
Other item worn:
Peep toe booties: Lane Bryant
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