Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lo Quiero Ahora: Shoe-gasm #1

Okay, if you read this blog regularly, you are aware I don’t need not even one pair of shoes. I mean I could do a shoe color wheel and have every color represented (seriously… even mustard & lime green) its really sad… I have this philosophy… that even the ugliest outfit can be fixed with the right accessories or shoes (usually shoes)

So I went to a few online stores and plucked my favorite shoes that were in my size… lol… with the thinking that I had my same salary from when I was working…

Charlotte Russe - Gray Ruffled Collar Bootie - $35.50 – Taupe Dereon Tulip Boot - $95.99

(I already have these in nude… they are super comfortable and I just love them to pieces)
Steve Madden – Grey Flannel Caryssa - $89.95

(I was really surprised by how much I liked these… but this is as close to combat boots as I would probably get)
Zappos – Grey Nine West Radcliff - $98.95

Okay i was totally going to do much more shoes than this… but I have Blogger ADD and am too tired to keep cutting and paste links… so here is my first set of shoes… next set coming soon!!

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