Sunday, October 10, 2010

DOTW: Fashion Risktakers

I like to take risks, and have done some risky looks since becoming unemployed. Now that I am able to dress for myself and not for an employer I find that my fashion as evolved into something i can call my own. So this week, I wanted to take my hat off for other bloggers who take risks in their fashion… Some looks may not seem that risky to you… but just getting up and putting on what you like is a risk because you never know how you will be percieved by the world…
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First up this week is Kenyetta, from My Dernier Cri, and her super comfortable but super cute look. its not anything boldly risky about this outfit except her wearing leggings and her teaming her dark look with a light brown bag… I liked it instantly in its simplicity… and its a look that could easily be duplicated by just about anyone… but probably not with her “flair”

This next look was one that excited me the moment i saw it… its risky in that it was a plus-size find that my friend Jeniese of The Jenesaiquoi wanted because she had fallen in love with at a straight size store. Its brightly colored and pleated which some critics think should be avoided when you’re plus-sized. I disagree and this ootd is a testament of just how wrong those rules are… she looks perfect… better than perfect… need a word for better than perfect… oh I know… Jeniese
Velvet with pinstripe?!! I KNOW!!! I wouldn’t have thought of it either. But my friend Reva from Reva’s Rags 2 Roses did this look & added a fedora and made it golden in my book… I liked how it all flowed together… not to mention this woman makes love to the camera lens… they have a relationship I can’t explain… but this look jumped out at me this week…

You’re plus size… cover your body up… no one wants to see that… well that thought process I completely disagree with. There is a way to wear it and still be respectful and be just fabulous. Franceta from Frantic Dreams showed everyone how it should be done… she took a colorful trench, a sheer top and doc martens and created a masterpiece. As someone who is addicted to stilettos, I am still in awww of how much I love this look.
Sparkly and flowy… that is what comes to mind when i see Allison from Curvy Girl Chic in ruffles and sequins… i loved it… and it was my first choice this week and it was so hard not to spend my entire week on her page staring at this outfit. I want to recreate it but I know I don’t have what it takes to wear it with her confidence. This is amazing creativity on her part.09-30-10045edited
So these are my picks of the week. What do you think of these ladies? Are there some outfits you felt I missed? Comment and let me know...
Also, if you're pic is above and you don't want it included in this post... let me know and I will promptly remove...

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