Sunday, October 03, 2010

DOTW: To Catch A Fashionista

It is so difficult to keep up with all the great fashion as it happens. I am depending on you to send me links if you see someone being amazing that maybe I overlooked or missed. I am reading so many blogs that I have to pick and choose, and that is not always the easiest thing thing to accomplish when you're also running a household and keeping 3 kids from killing each other. If you feel my choices are lacking some great divas (including yourself) email me a link to your post by emailing me or by contacting me via my formspring box on the right.

Here is what I found this week for this blogs...

First up is Ally from Cute on the Cheap whose outfit may not be all that awesome to you but I love the colors and the shoes... you do know I have a problem with shoes, right? Well, when I saw this post I had immediate shoe envy and I realized that this outfit was cute and easy to duplicate. Couldn't you see yourself wearing something like this?

Here is a blogger I have loved for quite some time. I find that it is easy to lose your luster for blogging but my beautiful Ashley from Yammering Muse has always been my go to fave and even though she has alot going on... she keeps blogging. She is a converser and she let's you into part of her world and the fashion is amazing. How she takes modern pieces and turns them into something retro is beautiful. So I had to add this look here to get her some more attention...

This next look is another simple look that is easy to duplicate but somehow it is super duper cute. Not to mention she later adds a scarf and jacket and that makes it easier love and how easily this outfit could convert to night, day, dress up or dress down. Sakina from Saks in the City is so easy to love and I'm positive she is not a new find to any of you.... but isn't this lovely?

You may recall that I featured this blogger in a previous week. She was fabulous then, and she is even more fabulous now. This jumpsuit speaks to me seriously and I now want it in my closet. That is one think about these fabulous divas... they definately give you closet envy. I have been envious of Beth's closet for a while and this outfit post on her blog, Pretty in Plus, just confirms that I have got to get to Canada and shop her closet like a ninja in the night...

 This final blogger is amazing in the bloggers that she inspires. She does an inspiration calendar which in itself is amazing, but this month she is using other bloggers to complete outfits... I wish I had known and had been a part of this... I also hate that I am the last one to know about her in all her fabulosity!!! Here is Kimberly of Fab Finds Under $50... of all her inspired outfits of the last 2 weeks, this one called out to me in my sleep... seriously may duplicate it (don't know how... but want to duplicate)

So what do you think of my choices?


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