Sunday, July 17, 2011

Church Diva: Revamping A Classic

Going forward my Sunday looks will be called Church Diva. I want to easily identify my looks I wear to church so you can search them if you so wish. Also, it will make it easier for me not to repeat any church looks close together. Anyways… onto the outfit…

I love this dress. Loved it the moment I received it from Lucie Lu. I don’t wear it as much as I would love too… but I do try to make each time better than the last… This is truly my favorite (big surprise). I couldn’t find matching earrings so I mixed two that were the same color. I also wore a new wig to which I added a feather bow. I’m so glad I saved this outfit to wear to church because today was a wonderful day in the word. I love my church. My pastor is going to Iraq at the end of August because he is also a Chaplain in the Reserves and he is getting deployed for 6 months to a year. He will be greatly missed. He makes everything so clear. His wife looks so sad. I just want to hug her and never let her go. Their marriage is strong, so with the support of the church the time will pass quickly (I hope). Watching her makes me realize how precious each moment you spend with your family and friends are. What would you do or how would you feel if you were in her shoes? Would your faith in God keep you while your mate was away? Have you ever had to maintain a long distance relationship, if so, what was your experience?

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Lucie Lu (gifted & no longer available)
Sweater: Torrid
Shoes: ShoeDazzle
Earrings & Wig: Beauty Supply
Feather Bow: Patapsco Flea Market


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