Friday, July 08, 2011

DOTD: Oh The Rain…

So today I had to take my picture in the office before I left for the day. It was raining like crazy and myself and my new work “esposa”, Maria, were held hostage for a moment while we both prayed the rain would stop. Well it didn’t stop… it kept going and going… so we ran in the rain and I then ran smack dab into traffic. Maria asked me to flip around and hang with her to get a pedicure. Well… how could I resist hanging with her when it is so gross and I’m barely moving anyway. Not to mention she is the sweetest and we’ve connected (I love people… I really do). After my pedicure I hopped into my car and headed home. No more traffic… YAY!!

I wanted to hang out with my friend today… but of course the hubby is probably somewhere knee deep in alcohol so I can’t leave my kids here. So I’m stuck also. I really loved todays outfit and I got a pedicure… so that is why I haven’t kirked out and tried to hunt down the “hubby” and beat him with a flip flop until he passes out into a coma (do you know how many times I would have to hit him for that to happen? That is how much he infuriates me). But I digress… I did love today’s look… but I get the feeling that the pictures (darn broken lens) don’t do it justice.

DivaLook of the Day Breakdown:
White tank: JustMySize (gifted at fffweek)
Skirt: have had this skirt FOREVER
Denim Vest & Bracelets: Ashley Stewart
Shoes: Payless
Scarf: Bongo (gifted from Kmart)
Ring: Dots
Earrings: Beauty Supply



This is my… how many pictures did this camera take? thinking pose… lmao
I look like I about to do something really gross!!! lol


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