Sunday, July 03, 2011

DOTD: Good Girl With an Edge

I’ve been waiting to wear this dress since I got it in New York at re/dress nyc. I loved this dress the moment it was on my body because it fits as though the fit model was built exactly like me. I knew it would be perfect to wear to church, work, or wherever. It has a corset tie to the front which gives this good girl dress an edge. Once you add my cutout booties… I think you can see where my title came from… lol

Today was a good day, I finally told my Pastor that I found a job. I also had him pray over me and my life so that things will stay positive and on the right track. I have to admit that all things in my life are finally looking great (minus my marriage… but I figure that will work itself out eventually – good or bad). I will admit that after church I did come home and threw on some shorts and sandals to run around in. Nothing wrong with the dress… just wanted to be as comfortable as humanly possible. I’m having one of those days… where nothing can break this great mood. I’m seriously all smiles today… How are you feeling today? Are you enjoying your 3 day weekend? Do you get 3 days off this holiday? Are you going to do anything special for July 4th? Me? I’m planning on trying a red, white, and blue makeup look. Hope to be able to post it tomorrow. If I don’t post it, it didn’t turn out so good.



What I love most about this dress is the corset type tie to the front of this dress. It’s like a bit of naughty on an otherwise good-girl look.

What I Wore To Church:
Dress: re/dress nyc
Bolero: Lane Bryant
Earrings: Beauty Supply
Booties: MPS (Off Broadway Shoes)

Did I mention I love this dress?

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