Saturday, July 09, 2011

DOTD: Flashes Of Light

I feel that lately these great ideas come to me. And I think that my pictures take away from it… today however it wasn’t the camera… it was the lighting… one second it would be blaring sunlight… next second… it was cloudy and gray… WTH?!! So just note that the skirt is a lace print and the top of the shirt is lace.

So I tried to do the best I could when I had good lighting. Which I don’t know if it did this outfit justice. Yes… my skirt is super short… but it was hot outside and well hell… I like my legs… cottage cheese and all. If you don’t like it… look away!! lol… Even though I did get asked for my number today. I was flattering… it would have been more flattering if the guy who was interested didn’t stop at my boobs… seriously… I wasn’t in heels… he is that short… lol. But again… I was still flattering!! I also met an awesome lady at the nail salon. We started up a conversation and she was just… mind blowing to talk to… she said I was a people person (I totally agree). Also… do you notice my pooch? I wanted to show that I do have a pooch (belly bubble) and that I’m not afraid to show it. Do you show parts of your body that others consider “unattractive”? Does your willingness to go against the norm and show them make others applaud you or condemn you? What do you think of todays look… too much leg or pooch?

DivaLook Breakdown:
Lace Print Mini Skirt: Forever21+
Lace Top Tee: New Look
Shoes: Payless
Necklaces: Mixed locations
Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory
Ring: Flea Market
Bangles: Ashley Stewart


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