Wednesday, July 06, 2011

DOTD: And the winner is… Coral & Nude

Yesterday I knew I wanted to wear my coral dress… again. But I couldn’t decide which shoes I wanted to wear it with. So I reached out to my twitter followers and asked should I do Coral & Nude or Coral & Olive. Well the votes were unanimously for coral & nude. Someone even said she would be wearing black and nude with a hint of leopard… LIGHT BULB!!! (Despicable ME voice)… Leopard accessories!!! I really enjoyed today’s look and I finally was able to wear my first pair of stilettos to the office. I now know it can be done.

Hmmmm… what else is going on with me? Thinking….

Still thinking….

ummmm… this is terribly depressing that I am drawing a complete blank. But I have NOTHING in my head right now!! I am not sad. I am not surrounded by drama. My kids seemed to have adapted to the new less stressed out version of me… so there really is nothing to report. I love my new job. I would however love to have a boyfriend or cuddle partner. With all that is going on in my life I would love to have a gayboy. The ones of my past have either moved away or have fallen madly in love *le sigh* lol… so I could use a single gay boyfriend to sit around with me, watch movies and have a bitch session. Also, he could be my cuddle partner but platonically… I do sometimes… feel… Lonely. The ex is always around… always in my face… NEVER smiling. Ugh… I refuse to make him the focus of this post. I’m too happy to let him rain on my parade. Anyway… How are you? Any fun fashion purchases lately? Anything you would love to discuss here or would like me to discuss? Comment me… I live for your comments and to hear what is going on with you… btw… Jolene… where did you disappear off to? lol

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Target
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bracelet: Ashley Stewart
Ring: Flea Market
Earrings: Beauty Supply
Sunglasses: SonsiWoman (gifted)


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