Saturday, July 02, 2011

ShoeDay Saturday: Getting Dazzled by Shoedazzle

Yesterday was the day I got my new shoe “suggestions” from ShoeDazzle and I have to say I glad I’m working again. I love shoes and they have sent me some amazing choices. But since I am on a budget and a mission… again I feel I would spread the word and let you get some shoes and wear them in my place.

You have to sign up for ShoeDazzle in order to get shoes but this is what happens. You sign up, answer some style questions, and they send you shoe suggestions based on what they think you will like. They also show you shoes that “almost” made the cut and shoes that they suggested to your friends so you have more choices that may not be your norm… I have purchased a few pair and each pair has gotten noticed on my blog and in the world. I think if you haven’t tried them out, now is a great time to click my link and try now. It’s costs you nothing until you’re ready to buy a shoe. All shoes cost $39.99. How awesome is that?

Here is what is catching my attention…











I can’t give you links the the shoe directly (it will only redirect you to the signup page), but if you sign up… email me for the direct link to the shoe you like Smile

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