Thursday, July 14, 2011

DOTD: Blues Clues

I have to be honest and say that I wore this outfit yesterday. And that you have to use your imagination a bit and imagine what this outfit would look like if I hadn't wrinkled it to death sitting at my desk all day. But I must admit that I truly loved the look and the feel of this outfit. And you know how I feel about my shoes… lol

Yesterday I felt like I didn’t stop moving until I fell into my bed… and even then I don’t think I rested well because today I feel like I was beat into submission while sleeping…So today… there will be no outfit… there will only be me wearing leggings and being comfortable… Have you ever pushed yourself beyond your limits and lived to regret it? Do you look forward to Friday evening as much as I do? Do you also have the disorder where when you want to sleep in Saturday and Sunday… but your internal clock still wakes you up at 6am? lol… seriously I did call it a disorder… because I just want to sleep until 12pm and my body is like… hey!!! time to get up!!! lmao… I’m all screwed up.

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress/Tunic: ASOS Curve
Crop Harem Pants: Yours Clothing
Shoes: Steve Madden
Ring/Earrings: Beauty Supply

Cobalt Blue Leopard Earrings!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!


Rethabile Setai said...

This is the color for you. It looks great and that shirt/tunic looks very comfy

ModePlus said...

This blue looks radiant on you. And I'm so jealous you can rock those steve madden heels to work. Pfww!

Angie said...

That blue looks great, it's perfect!

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