Monday, July 04, 2011

Six Take: Celebrity Style–Nikki Minaj

I joined up with 5 other bloggers (3 of which are my roommates from NYC) to be part of monthly style feature. Usually I would jump at the opportunity to do an outfit, but I as so tired and lazy I didn’t feel like getting all dolled up, so I decided to do my celebrity style on well my other love… Makeup. Not to mention my style is already a combination of like a million plus size celebrities (Sara Ramirez, Queen Latifah, Raven Simone, Amber Riley, and Jill Scott) to include celebrities of the past such as Marilyn Monroe, Rosalind Russell, and Audrey Hepburn. But since I’m just relaxing this weekend… makeup was something I could do while watching television and still participate… lol… so here it is…


Celebrity Style Icon: Nikki Minaj

Nikki Minaj

Check out which celebrities the other bloggers used for inspiration. Check out their sites:

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