Friday, July 15, 2011

DOTD: Finest Form Of Flattery

Imitation is the finest form of flattery… I guess… I love actual flattery… but that is just me lol. I went to 7eleven this morning to get gas & juice and the lady who worked there said “I look forward to your outfits everyday, you always look so nice". That was awesome. I told her that I blog and she got this weird look on her face that said “what in the hells is a BLOG?” lol. I told her I had a place on the internet where all my outfits are… she still seemed perplexed so I let it go. But the compliment made my day. I was also told this color looked good on me by another lady at the crab place (oh yeah… the crabs were delish… went after work). I have to say that this outfit came to me yesterday and I couldn’t wait to try it out. Lately… these outfits come from no where and everywhere. It’s like I see an outfit and then my head keeps taking those outfits and putting the “QueenDiva Spin” on it… lol or so I think.

So as you know I am working now and because it’s a casual work environment I can generally wear what I want and no one says anything. I love this job. I also love what I do and “most” of the people I work with… there is one guy who refuses to speak to me in Spanish… he frowns as though to say… “your Spanish sucks… stop trying”. The other guys are pretty cool and love talking to me in Spanish. There is one other guy who refuses to speak to me PERIOD. I spoke to him he walked by as though I was talking to myself and grunted something… I couldn’t believe it… How rude!!! lol… actually… I found it hilarious… cause it was so… well… weird. I spend 90% of my time with 3 lovely ladies. I will give them code names even though I said ones name already (in a previous post)… going forward they will be called Esposa (cause she is my work wife), Pecana (she loves pecans same as me and she is my supervisor and she knows everything… and her system is like AMAZING!!) and Jefa (because she is the big “female” boss… there is a male owner but he’s not in the office as much as the she is and she’s cool… and the male owner scares me). So Pecana sprained her ankle this week and you would think that caused the world to end… I have heard more profanity while she’s been out (mind you it’s only been 2 days). You see I work in payroll and she got hurt during the check printing process and I’m too new and have no idea what to do (other than load the printer) lol. Anyway… I can’t wait until Monday and she returns… lol. Jefa is on vacation next week and will be missed, and Esposa isn’t feeling well and I want her to go to the doctor (threw that in… just in case she reads this… lol). So that is all… I am glad I’m working again. Even though I’m broker than a joke and can’t afford to pay attention. This job is super cool and interesting.

I am loving this outfit today… and I wish all my outfits were as comfortable as this one was… if you recall I saw a similar outfit on God’s Favorite Shoes and did a blogger copycat for church… but today… I had real fun with it… let me know what you think… I am totally in love with it. I added leopard pieces… belt, earrings, and bracelet. I also had a leopard head ring… oh yeah… today… it was all in the details. Sooo… before the outfit… here are today’s… questions… Do you enjoy your job? What would you do in life if money was not a constraint? Does your job conflict with your fashion?

Outfit Breakdown:
Maxi Dress (worn as super long skirt): Pure Energy (Target)
Leopard belt: ASOS Curve
Top: Walmart (men’s department cut up in DIY fashion)
Shoes: Eva & Zoe (Off Broadway Shoes)
Owl ring: Torrid
Leopard Head ring: Flea Market
Bracelets: Ashley Stewart
Leopard Earrings: Beauty Supply



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