Thursday, April 08, 2010

DOTD: Working my maxi to the MAX!!!

So today... I realize that with all the drama unfolding at work... I was not going to be as strong in jeans... So I decided cuteness would give me the cajones to make it through the day and not lose my mind. I can't enlighten you on all the details until this drama is over. But oh what a post it will be.
Before the pictures... a little information on my outfit. Last year when maxi dresses were all the craze... I knew I wanted one. But online I kept finding them for $50 and sometimes for much much more than that. I had decided that was NOT in my price range. Then around June or July... my friend/coworker decides she wants to go to the mall to look for a dress. Anyway... she drags me into this place... you may have heard of it. Its called Marshall's. Anyway... it was my first time going into Marshall's (I had been with my mother once... but I didn't know what it was and we were there to return something so I thought it was just like Burlington... only messier). So... after this experience and finding like 5 dresses... I couldn't live without. I couldn't stay out of Marshall's, Ross, and TJMaxx last summer. This dress was probably my favorite find (second goes to this ethnic mustard halter that will come later). Anyway... My coworker and I decided this dress deserved to be photographed outside... I agreed!

What do you think?

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Marshall's
Sweater Shrug: Torrid
Shoes: Kate Preston (Off Broadway Shoes)
Ring: Torrid
Necklace: Vibrant Artwear
Earrings: Beauty Supply Store
Sunglasses: Coach

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