Thursday, April 08, 2010

Supporting my Divas: At Random

As I didn't want a week to go by and I didn't help out my fellow bloggers. I decided I better hop to it today. Only I didn't start my list as I normally do... so this morning I was at a lost. Thank you Google Reader!!! So... I just flipped thru and grabbed a few blogs I read at random.
Just to let you know... I do try to support the lesser known blogs as much as possible. Because... it’s hard out here for a... blogger (pimps too... but blogging is harder)

L at Goodbye Hollywood is a new find for me. I don't recall how I found her page... but how happy I am that I did. It’s beautiful in its simplicity yet it draws you in. Her fashion is unique but comforting. I love some of her vintage looks. I don't know much about her except what I see in her pics... but I have decided she speaks with a British accent. I actually read her words with a British accent. Oh bollocks… she’s going to think I’m a bloody nutter!!!

Reva at Revas Rags 2 Roses is an eclectic stylish blogger that brings unusual pieces together. But its how she brings those pieces together that makes it work so well for her. On me, most of her style would look out of place but on her it looks super trendy. I also love that her glasses are part of her fashion. I love anyone that takes a risk and Reva does it with flair to spare. My favorite part of her blog is how she takes newer pieces (i.e., Forever21 and H&M) and make them look vintage and retro. This lady has talent.

Cheeky Curves at Rich Mix Fashion isn’t just a blogger… she is an Etsy clothing designer. I feel particularly bad because she comments on my post regularly and because I thought she was someone else… I never followed through to see who it was. Then when I did, I wanted to slap myself for not doing it sooner. I mean… seriously… we have support those of us who are doing clothing for fuller women. Now… I’m on a spending freeze (23 more days to go) … so I am not going to her Etsy shop. But if the pics on her sidebar are any indication, I will be doing more than just supporting her blog… very soon. As I am a dress and skirt person... her spring collection is calling out to me... small preview here

Tav at Hazel Grey is my new addiction. One... her nails are amazing... they are super duper long and so freaking sexy. I love her very relaxed style... not to mention we have that same gray/black Dorothy Perkins tunic and I now know how I'm going to spruce it up and wear it tomorrow. She doesn't post super often... but when she does... and I see her name in my Google Reader list... oh how happy it makes me!!!

I know I usually do 5 or more blogs... but this day is kicking my fanny... so I will do a bunch more next week... Follow these ladies and show them some love!!!
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