Monday, April 19, 2010

Supporting My Divas: Just Loving These Blogs

So because I've been wallowing in my own self pity... I haven't had the time or the energy to bring love to other deserving bloggers. How Dare I?!!! Well, today I am going to make up for it by bringing to you some really nice ones... some I've only just found myself... others... are just wonderful in everyway and really deserve a moment in the spotlight. Check these out and please... pretty please with cherries on top (and don't forget the whip cream)... follow them and give them some love.

Cesilia from Style Remix is what I want to be when I grow up. She is a blazer/stiletto wearing sun of a gun. I am telling you that I am seriously contemplating hopping in my car... driving to New Jersery and seriously waiting until no one is home and clearing out her closet (including shoes). Cesi... if you are EVER missing your entire closet... might as well point the cops in my direction...

Ashley Fierce from Everyday is my Runway is just that... Fierce. I found her blog when she was on hiatus from blogging but I stayed entertained by reading her previous posts and looking at her awesome pictures. This is what I dream every curvy women was like. Super confident and just loving themselves... and making it WORK. She is not all about plus size... she is simply about fashion... and for that... I respect her so much...

Gabi from Hungry for Fashion is just... AMAZING... I love her style and her just general existence. She has no clue I'm stalking her... But I am... it started slow... but now its full on creepy. She like wins EVERYTHING... and she seems so sweet so I have no doubt she deserves it. I don't think she reads my blog... but it doesn't matter... she is just so cute and her outfits make me want to be her copy cat. Seriously!! Now the best thiing about Gabi is that she can make casual look SUPER Trendy... I make casual... look bummy... see her talent? Exactly!!! Love her as I do!!!

Bloomie from 30 Dresses in 30 Days is a new find that I feel really badly about. Because apparently I am the last to know anything. She's been around since 2007... okay people... you are going to have to start emailing me about some of these awesome bloggers. Let's stop self promoting!!! Okay... back to Bloomie. I love her dresses and other things. But I love love love her creativity. I especially love her risk with color. Not to mention her smile is so gorgeous... But her closet must be ENORMOUS with all those dresses...

Candace from Dollface Style Scoop is my Diva twin. I found her in January of this year and realized that I loved her. Her makeup is FLAWLESS and I just think that her Diva-ness is fabulous in every. I want more pictures of her on her blog. She should be seen alot. LOVE HER!!! Not to mention she lives close to another Diva that I also adore... which is...

Stiletto Siren from Lip, Hips & Fatshion Tips is my new bestie.  If you haven't checked her out... your lame and need to be punished... just kidding. But I have no doubt that if you just swing by her page and check her out... you will become an INSTANT fan. I love that she became a fan, then a friend, and now I couldn't imagine what life would be like had we not connected. Also, this chick is a writer, I am serious... her written word will drive you to as she tells you. She is seriously gifted... in multiple ways

Kae from For Fatshions Sake is a today find. I found her today. Loved her today... so she is included in this round of Divas because I wanted to bring some serious contenders for you all to enjoy. One thing I have to admit. Is that I am seriously jealous of her ability to wear such super cute flats. Now that my ankle is worse... I could not do what she does if I wanted to. Not to mention... how can I not love someone who obviously has a love for cardigans as I do...

NubianQueen89 from A Day in the life of a Rugby Loving College Diva is giving me a run for my money. Her poses have mine beat. Her outfits... beat mine all the way. I think my Diva-ness may be revoked. I think if I ever have to step down from being QueenDiva... I will pass my reigns over to NubianQueen... as she is everything I wish I was when I was her age. Her confidence is off the rictor scale. So if you like me... you should LOVE her!!!

And now for my feature blog... I am featuring her more so because her title is speaking to me during these days of my Spending Freeze.
Literal Gemini from Stop You're Broke is the ish... period. And to boot... just found out she is in DC. I think I should have known that... but I suck and we all know this. But back to her... she takes risks and at the same time she's safe. I know it makes no sense... but I love what she's doing over there... and the title is perfect for me. I should stop... cause I am broke... but the fashion can't be stopped by my bank account balance. Also she is a fellow thrifter... and who doesn't love that!!!

So I hope I've redeemed your faith in me as I do want to continue to support these ladies...Let me know if you like the choices this week. If you have some I keep missing... hit me up so that I can get them up here!!!

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