Wednesday, April 14, 2010

QueenDiva Fashion Makeovers!!!

Who doesn't love a makeover, hm?

I've been on the hunt for ways to expand my blog, to take things up to the next level, and I've asked friends for suggestions.  My loving friend Dani (Diva Dani) came up with an excellent idea that I hope will not only excite my blog readers but will also help kick off a new side business for myself.   I've been on the edge of my seat all day and can't wait to share it with you.  I hope you're as excited about it as I am!

To kick off Queen Diva Makeovers, I'll need some volunteers, please!   If you'd like to participate I'll need the following from you:

  1. Your 3x3 Photo Package:
    1. 3 Body Shots (1 each from the front/back/side) – Current photos of you, taken while wearing as little clothing as possible - tank and leggings recommended!  Make sure your photos are well-lit, in focus, and full body.  If you do not want me to include these shots with your makeover post, include an additional photo that you'd be happy with me sharing.
    2. 3 Clothing Shots – Choose your three favorite clothing items and send me a photo of you wearing those items.  You can wear them together, separate, or if they don't fit, just get a shot of them lying flat on a bed/floor.
    3. 3 Goal Shots – Three photos that embrace a style or even a specific outfit you want to work toward.

  2. Your Questionnaire:
    1. Your name:

    2. Clothing Sizes:
      1. Shirt:
      2. Pants: (if you need tall or petite, please note it here)
      3. Dresses:
      4. Jackets:
      5. Shoes:
      6. Bra: (this is important in the event that a specific bra is needed to enhance the look – I will try to help you find the appropriate undergarment!)
    3. How would you define your body shape? click here
      1. Pear: Torso and upper body smaller than your hips -- with waist definition
      2. Inverted triangle: Torso and upper body wider than your ships -- with little waist definition
      3. Rectangle: Torso and upper body are the same width as your hips -- little waist definition
      4. Hourglass: Torso and hips are approximately the same width -- with waist definition

      5. Apple: Torso and upper body wider than your hips -- with little or no waist definition. You might have weight surrounding your waist.
    4. What do you consider your problem areas?  What do you want to play up?
    5. What are your favorite colors?  What colors do you refuse to wear, and why?
    6. Do you wear skirts and/or dresses?  If so, how often?  How short are you willing to wear your skirts – above the knee, knee length, below the knee or ankle length?
    7. Do you wear heels, flats, or both?  If you wear heels, how high are you comfortable with?
    8. How would you describe your current style?
    9. How would you describe the style you're going for with this makeover outfit?  Classic, Sexy, Vintage, Edgy, Professional, etc.?
    10. What is your ideal budget for your makeover outfit?  Note: Please try to be realistic.  I am a bargain hunter and will do my best to find budget-friendly items for you!
Once I have this information from you, I will put together an outfit that I think will highlight all of your best features and spruce up your style at the same time.  I'll find the pieces online and if you decide you'd like to buy them (or similar), I'd love it if you could send an After photo my way!  This is your chance to better fit your clothes to your body or to just embrace a trend that you love but have been shying away from.

Eventually I would like to make a similar offer with make-up makeovers, but haven't sorted out all of the details quite yet.  I'm thinking of finding colors that I believe would work well for you as well as YouTube videos to help master a technique, but it's all a work in progress for now.  I'll keep you posted!

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