Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Supporting My Divas: My 100th Post with LOVE!!

IT'S MY 100TH POST!!! And I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate then showing some love to some great blogging divas!!! Now I have to admit, that a few of these are new or old friends from Twitter. So I decided that in honor of 100 posts I would do 1/10 of that and support 10 bloggers. This was a hard list to narrow down, in the end I just went with my gut. I hope you like them. If you do, please show them some LUB!!!!

On to the ladies...

Jessica Kane whose name should sound familiar as she is the owner/creator of Skorch Magazine. Well, she started a blog (and FB group) outside of Skorch. It is for the 30 something crowd (which I am a part of) and it about not wanting to wear a mumu but not wanting to regain your youth by being a hoochie mama. Its about being fashionable and confident in your 30s. I can 100% get that... so I am jumping on her bandwagon and I suggest you do the same. Even if you're not in your 30s... you may be there one day... or feel 30 years young... doesn't matter good fashion sense is ageless. Find her here: curvy confident & 30 something

Jennifer from Jasifer Lions Club I found because someone (who I can't recall at this moment) did a story on her. I went to her page and immediately fell in love. The dresses, shoes, and handbags... OH MY!!! So she is currently doing a 27 dresses challenge which I joined even though I haven't documented each dress. But it is fun. Because skirts count too and you don't realize it until you are trying to attempt it how often you want to reach out and grab a pair of jeans (at least I do). But trust me on this... once you go to this site... you will become a follower... GUARANTEED

Allison of CurvyGirlChic is.... SWEET, AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, GIVING, FASHIONABLE, PHOTOGENIC... oh my goodness... this list could go on forever. I mean, every post she leaves here brings an immediate smile to my face. Why? Because she's a huge deal, and she comes by and leaves a post which
she doesn't have to, but she does on just about every post. She tweets me to be sure I haven't done something else to myself (yeah I am a bubble of bad luck as of late). But its more than that. She has this way of pulling outfits together that are just... PERFECT. Go to her blog, trust me... you won't be disappointed. If anything you'll leave with closet envy.

Monique who is the powerful force behind the Curves and Chaos. I just found that she only has 85 followers... WHAT?!!! She has a great blog and it must be loved an admired by all. She does interviews with other bloggers that are really great to read, and she posts Trends and things. I love her most recent Summer Trends about White Dresses... Something I really really want but can't wear (my kids would have it chocolate colored in 5 minutes). She also does OOTD and they are super cute and well put together... show her some love ya'll... she's Diva-licious.

Vanessa Reece is a Model, Make-up Artist, Writer, Actor, and a damn super DIVA. I met her only a few days ago on twitter and we are fast becoming besties. LOVE HER. I showed her the wonderful internet site that is Polyvore (which I had no idea was a well kept secret) but we have bonded and therefore will never surrender ties (if she tries to leave me... seriously I will stalk her) lol. She has already connected me with another great blogger and I am happy I met her. She is also *gasp* a fit model for ASOS Curve. Yeah, that's right. She gets to wear it first. So she knows what is up on the site first. So trust me... following her ins Necessary!!!

Sarah from Tabayag is another new find. She sent me a message asking if I would be a Fatties with Head volunteer. Her concept is that she is tired of seeing fat people being used by the media without heads to wage war against obesity. Its rude and wrong and she is righting said wrong. You take a pic of yourself that you are proud of and email it to her and she posts that beautiful curvilicious pic to her blog. She also is having a Monif C GIVEAWAY! There is so many great things about her blog (including her new format) that its best you just go and check it out!!

Oliva from An Olive A Day is just great. She is young and fresh faced and all her clothes look super comfortable but super cute. It seems that alot of people keep telling her she's cute. Which could probably make you start to feel like puppy or a kitten. But she is beautiful. And her smile and fashion draw you in from the first post. Check it out... show her love as she is the future of fatshionistas.

Tiffany of Fat Shopaholic is the sweetest blogger ever. I have just grown to adore her more and more as I read each tweet from her. Her blog is equally well rounded. He does blog spotlights (which is in no way like my Diva Spotlight). Her Blog Spotlight is well planned out and is more like an interview. But what makes her blog most enjoyable.... is her carefree fashion sense. She doesn't follow the rules, and since I don't always follow the rules... I really love this about her. You have to check this fabulous blogger out.

Matron-Jo of Embrace Your Curves is fabulous. So... here is what is going to happen. You are going to follow her. And you are not going to STOP following her for something as silly as lack of OOTDs. She has much to say and blogs are so much more than pictures. So support her, because the internet would be a sadder place if this blog was no longer there... Go now... that's an order!

Kimmoy of The Curvy Coach is what every real world diva needs. Its a place to learn how to be curvy and sophiscated and profressional without being frumpy and plain. Its wear every interviewing woman with extra "body waves" needs to go for inspiration. Soon I will be featured on this site, so if you love me... you have to support this blog... right? If you plan on making your blogging or love of fashion an enterprise... this site is a must follow!!

I am tired... this was hard... 10 blogs is alot. I hope you enjoy them all and let them know where you found them. Continue to show these women love even when they don't post often. It means so much... trust me... I know.

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