Thursday, April 01, 2010

Helping Diva Tootsicle on her journey

So I have this fabulously fashionable friend who is trying to get to Denver to be with her family. She has items up for sale on her page and if you aren't in that size and you still want to help her cause... you can donate to her cause. She has donate buttons at the bottom of her posts.
I've known her for quite sometime and she is an industrious person who has so many gifts and talents... and she is so giving its pratically a personality flaw. As I know many of you aren't on a shopping freeze as I am... I ask... no... I beg of you to help my friend achieve this task.

Her blog is here: TOOTSICLE

Mi amiga: I apologize that I can not do more in this moment... as all my forms of payment have been removed from my care. If on May 1st... you still need help... I hope I am able to get you to your finishing point.

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