Monday, April 05, 2010

DOTD: Perfect Spring Dress... and a mind full of thoughts...

Again... I decided to start with something that is on my mind before I commence with the outfit. I have so many things on my mind… and what is my blog for if not to clear my head.

So…about 2 years ago, I went on a diet/Weight Watchers and lost 70lbs. I had gone from a size 26 to a size 16. For those of you who are new to the whole QueenDiva fan club (yeah… I know… it’s a small fan club… but hey… we gotta start somewhere) you probably thought I just maintain the size I am. Now currently I am at a comfortable size 16/18… which would be okay if my 16s weren’t so damn tight and in some cases… unWEARable. So I have decided to rejoin Weight Watchers and also, this past weekend we joined a new gym. Not because Jennifer Hudson (who was my twin before her weight loss… lol) but because my husband as forbidden me from buying anymore clothes in larger sizes. He’s not an unreasonable man, but 2 years ago when I lost the weight I told him I needed all new clothes because I was going to STAY at a size 16. So for me to now need 18s… well… you can see his point.

Now I am stating all of this because as someone who is all about loving the skin you’re in, I feel rather guilty about my weight loss choice. I don’t want to make people think I am a hypocrite. That I am only talking about self acceptance and I’m not living self acceptance. So I wanted to be honest and real with my readers… about my reasons for losing weight:
  1. If I even attempt to purchase another article of clothing that is in a larger size… my husband may be on the local news for murder… and of course… I would be found clutching my credit card.
  2. I love the clothing I have purchased… and do not want to have to donate anything because I can’t fit it. **The last time I donated clothing… I did so to my neighbor and now when I see her in my clothing it just saddens the crap out me to see how much she has COMPLETELY destroyed the clothes that I spent serious money on.
  3. When I exercise… I don’t have to rely so heavily on my “HAPPY” pills in order to make it through the day.
  4. And this is the most important reason… my gym… is hosting a biggest loser contest… and the grand prize is $1000. That’s right… $1000. Do you know how much Torrid/Faith21/AsosCurve/Dorothy Perkins/Evans clothing that is? I DO!!!
Now I am quite aware that reason 1 and 4 contradict… but seriously… you have to know that SOME of that money was going to be for purchasing clothing. I just won’t use MY income *winks*

So that is one thing on my mind… the other thing… and this is VERY serious…


I ask this because I was raised in the south and the rule was you could wear your summer white shoes (not to be confused with winter white) after EASTER. Now I move up north to the great MD/DC/VA divide… and its different. Here it’s something about after Memorial Day and before Labor Day. I once wore white shoes after Easter… and this coworker… practically lost her mind. Talking about how OBVIOUSLY no one had trained me on Fashion Etiquette… WTF?!!! I invented etiquette… I thought I was going to get fired that day for office violence.

So I ask my readers… when do you pull out your white shoes?

And to give you something to look at while you comment… on either of the subjects above… here is my DOTD…

Outfit Breakdown:
Sparkly Sweater: Torrid
Dress: Dress Barn
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Accessories/Pearls: Claire's/Icing

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