Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DOTD: Signature Power Plus

Okay, well... Oh happy day as each day I grow closer to the end of this drama and this mess. What is really crazy, I feel stronger the closer that last day gets. Today I am feeling EXTRA strong and beautiful. It may have something to do with me rocking my favorite combination Purple and Red. If you've been reading for a while, you know that RED is my power color and PURPLE is my signature color. So I went all matchy matchy by making all the accessories and makeup come together with those two colors. It was a last minute decision, but I'm glad I made it. If you think that I have on too much of the color, let me know. I do want honest feedback because as I grow in this site and in my fashion... I want you to be able to see my progress...

Again, I have to get sappy on you all and say that all the support and love I get here is so overwhelming sometimes and I do find myself crying after some of your comments because you truly and honestly make my day. You're all AWESOME

Outfit Breakdown:
Red Top: Wal-Mart
Purple Dress: Marshall's
Red Flat: Payless
Purple Belt: Torrid
Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory
Bracelet: Dots
Earrings: Icing
Ring: Torrid

Eyeshadows: Red=NYX (Red Head); Purple=Sephora Ultimate Palette 4th purple down (see picture)

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